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FRIDAY, January 26, Mclennon Radio will officially launch “Mclennon Radio Contest”: catch the Mclennon song and win a Lennon & McCartney Collection with an exclusive Art print made by Fionafu!

~ RULES  ~

1)The game officially begins on Friday, January 26 and ends on Sunday, February 4.

2) Every time you catch a song by John Lennon or Paul McCartney on the radio (not Beatles song, must be Lennon and McCartney solo years) send a message with:

  • hashtag #mclennonradio
  • Title of the song
  • Name of the artist
  •  Time
  • Example: “#mclennonradio ‘Live and let die’ by Paul McCartney at 8 pm”.

3) You can choose to play in different social pages:

  • If you’re on FB, like the facebook page and send a message with the hashtag #mclennonradio.
  • If you’re on Twitter, like the twitter page and send a message with the hashtag #mclennonradio.
  • If you’re on Tumblr, follow the Tumblr page and send a message on chat  with the hashtag #mclennonradio
  • If you’re on instagram, post a picture of the song you’re listening to with the hashtag #mclennonradio.

5) We’ll randomly pick 1 listener and will share the name or the picture of the winner with the message on Monday, February 5.

6) You can send as many messages as you want, there are no limits.

7) The message must contain the correct song title.

8) Messages with wrong song titles won’t be accepted.

9) PRIZE: Paul McCartney “All The Best”, John Lennon “Lennon Legend: The Very Best of”, and a Mclennon art print made by FionaFu.

The game will officially start with an exclusive interview with FionaFu on January 26, in which she’ll talk about her fanarts, Mclennon, and we’ll share a never-seen-before art made by Fiona for Mclennon Radio.

Are you ready to play?

Turn on your radio and dream!

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