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“Letitmclennon” is the Artist of the Week of Mclennon Radio, her name is Chiara and she’s a talented writer.

Let’s discover more about her with this interview about the world of fanfictions:

Many writers of movies and tv shows have confessed that they’ve read fanfictions and they think it’s a genuine and creative way for fans to express their love for a story or a character. What do you think about fanfictions and why you think some fans love to write them?

I think people love fanfictions for many reasons. For me they are a way to express myself. When I was a child I was very shy, I had a real problem about express my thoughts and feelings. Writing was the only way that didn’t make me nervous. So it started mostly for this reason. But then I learned to love fanfictions. I love to plan them, thinking about every detail and I love how they make you escape from reality. In those moments you can truly forget all your problems. That’s what I love the most about fanfictions. And I think that fans like them because for a moment their dream becomes true. 

Do you write fanfictions in your own language or in English and do you find it hard to write in another language?

Yes, I do. I write all my fanfictions in Italian. And last year I started to translate them. It takes long time, but I quite enjoy it. I tried to write in English first, but for now I find it very hard because my mind is still set in thinking in Italian. That’s difficult to overcome.

How ideas come up to you when writing a fanfiction? Do you get inspired by real life stories?

Sometimes inspiration arrives unexpected. And for me, it can come from a word, a phrase, or something I watched, or something I listened to. I remember once… I was studying botany and I found a really interesting concept about the right time to pick a plant. And in the end I wrote a fanfiction about that.

Why you decided to write mclennon fanfictions?

I decided to write mclennon fanfictions because I found John and Paul very inspiring and I don’t write about all my ships, but there has to be something special, and John and Paul had that something. So I found myself always wondering what could happen between those two. And I knew that until I put that down in words, I wouldn’t be happy. So I started writing mclennon fanfictions.

Is there any fanfic writer you particularly like or you were inspired to write fanfictions? If yes, who?

I’d say two: cranberry_sauce and lukinha_jesus. When I started to explore the Beatles fandom, I was very frightened because I couldn’t believe I was really about to read some mclennon fanfictions. And for me the Beatles were untouchable. But I felt a deep desire to know if there was someone else with my same passion. And then I found some good stories from many writers, but I remember perfectly all the stories I read from cranberry_sauce. She is Italian too, and I really loved her style. Her works taught me how to characterize John and Paul. And about lukinha, I read The Red Hall and I was amazed. She taught me to be brave enough to write whatever I want. So if I started writing about the Beatles, that was their fault.

Do you think today fandom is different from the Beatles fandom of the 60s?

I’m not sure we’re so much different from Beatles’ fans from the 60s, because the love for the Beatles is still huge and the great thing about them is that they’re loved not only by people of their own age, but also by young people. Young people who are ready to do anything for the Beatles. I know that for experience, because I’ve done so many things for them that I hadn’t done for no other band. So, no, I don’t think the fandom is too different from the 60s. Of course, we don’t have all the Beatles anymore, but we have technology that can help us to understand them and the fandom. And even if it’s not the same, our love for the Beatles is still endless.

Which is the thing you love and hate most when you write a fanfiction?

The thing I love the most is when I finish a story and I am about to post it. Usually I have a lot of doubts, even if my beta reader says it’s alright. But I really wonder if I was able to put in words some of the emotions I felt. Then sometimes a reader wrote me and tell me that they felt exactly the same thing, and I’m very happy. 

The thing I hate is the opposite, but most of all is when I know that something is wrong and I can’t figure out what it is. That really freaks me out.

Is there anything you’d like to achieve writing fanfictions? Do you have plans for the future as fanfic writers?

Well, I hope to achieve the one hundred fanfictions written in the Beatles fandom. Because they’re 87 at the moment. The biggest achievement is to write a novel by myself. It’s my secret childhood dream and maybe one day it will become true. For now I just hope to be able to translate all my works in English. That would be great.

Click here to  read Chiara’s fanfictions on Archiveofourown.

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