Rachel M is the ARTIST OF THE WEEK of Mclennon Radio. She’s a talented singer and songwriter from London. Let’s discover more about Rachel and her music: When did you start writing songs and what inspired you to make music? I used to write what I thought were poems from about the age of 8 […]

Alex is the Artist Of The Week of Mclennon Radio, she’s a young Italian fanartist who began drawing since she was a child! Let’s discover more about her… 1) When did you start drawing? I don’t remember exactly when I started because it was very early in my childhood. At the kindergarten I was a […]

Whydontwedoitontheinternet is a Mclennon fanartist. She has a Tumblr blog in which she posts amazing fanarts about John & Paul. In this interview she tells a bit about herself and how she started drawing John and Paul.. 1) When did you start drawing? I grew up with the colored pencils, the crayons. For mclennon, I […]

“I can’t imagine my life without music. It’s just like a balm for my soul.” Karina McLeen is a talented guitar player from Siberia who loves The Beatles and has a Youtube Channel in which she shares her passion for music. Discover more about her with this exclusive interview: Why did you decide to become […]

If you are a fanfic writer and you like to write Beatles and Mclennon fanfics, send an email to info@mclennonradio.com. Mclennon Radio will promote you with an interview dedicated to your fanfics, your blog promoted for a whole week on Mclennon Radio website and on the radio, and your fanfics shared on our website, and […]

“LISTEN TO THE PAINTERS” is the new section dedicated to fanartists! If you make Mclennon and Beatles fanarts, send a message to info@mclennonradio.com: Mclennon Radio will promote your art with an interview to the artist, a gallery with the fanarts, and the promotion of the fanartist’s blog on Mclennon Radio website and on the radio! […]

Are you an independent artist? Do you write songs or compose instrumental music? MCLENNON RADIO IS LOOKING FOR YOU! We want to give free space to Independent Artists with “Indie Happy Hour”, a playlist with indie songs. Send us your song and you’ll be the “Artist of the week”, your name, blog and song promoted […]

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