Vale is a 20-something Italian girl based in Scotland. Lives on pizza, travel, and fanfictions!

Ben has been living in western Washington since 1994, and has only been getting stranger with time.  Interests include music, movies, food, games, and all things sci-fi.  A fan of doing impressions of basically anyone, Ben’s capacity for quoting characters in their voices is considered moderately impressive.

Ever since he could play a guitar he has always loved The Beatles. Jewel grew up thinking of John Lennon as his role model and hero. He is the host of True Colors, and he’s gay and bigender. Of all the instruments he plays, guitar will always be his favourite thing to play. He also […]

Emmie is the radio host of “DRIVE IN”, she’s a  17 years old Canadian artist, so obsessed with music her parents think she joined a cult, and if one existed she probably would. Her obsession with music started a very young age, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, this young lady surely wasn’t born in the right generation.

Victoria and William are their real names, but feel free to call them Vic and Wiss. They’re two 19 year olds from the cold country of Sweden and theye’re both studying theatre in school. After a lot of projects they’ve done it’s safe to say that they make a good comedy duo. They’re huge geeks […]

Joshua is French guy who loves music and going to gigs. He sold his soul to the great rock’n’roll God and regrets nothing!

Marco has been obsessed with music for many years in a very, very healthy way. He is the founder and radio host, speaks fluent sarcasm, and doesn’t take anything seriously.

Anny loves music since she was a little girl! Her favourite hobby is listening to rock music. She is the founder and the radio host.

Joana is a music enthusiast. She’s fangirling instead of studying. She is Brazilian, in love with music and the 60s world. She gives tips and suggestions about the 60s fashion trends and outfits.

Chiara runs the Facebook page of the Mclennon Radio and she’s also the radio host of “Hard Rock Cafè”. She is an italian girl in love with music.

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